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Welcome to Comic Wonderland 

A show which blends live theater with stand-up comedy using bespoke themes, audacious specialty acts and a diverse lineup of comedians, this is guaranteed the most immersive show in town!


...“I still don’t get it.”


It’s okay to be a little slow sometimes! Let’s try again…


Comic Wonderland is a stand-up comedy show- but way better. We feature a variety of entertainment from entrance to exit so you’re never waiting for the “show” to start! You'll just have to experience it for yourself!

Our Story


With its conception in Los Angeles in 2021, Comic Wonderland has been making waves in the world of stand-up comedy as the only fully immersive comedy show on the market.

Our Founding Father, miss Isabella Prida, created this immersive experience after having worked as a comedic actress in Los Angeles, CA for 15 years. After a successful run in the City of Angels, Comic Wonderland is now on its way to reach audiences all over the U.S. With Miami, FL being our next stop, we cannot wait to share this experience with even more amazing people!


“I’m happy to bring this unique experience to the city I call home. It is very important to recognize local talent in each one of the markets we visit since not only in Los Angeles there is great talent, but here in the 305 as well.” - Isabella Prida, Founder and Creative Producer of Comic Wonderland. 



What time does the show start?

The experience begins as soon as you enter! The time on your ticket is the time you are encouraged to arrive to get the full experience. 

By "immersive" do you mean the audience needs to perform too?

No, please no! The immersive element of our show comes from our characters interacting with the audience by showing you to your seat, taking your insta-cute photos, showing off their special talents, etc. Our characters are aware of those who prefer not to interact with them so don't be scared, Karen. 

What's the dress code?

We're bringing sexy back, baby! Always dress to impress at Comic Wonderland. Men should always wear a suit jacket and women should simply dress like the Queens that they are. Athleisure, blue jeans, sandals and F*ckboy attire not permitted. 

Is this event for all ages? 

Unfortunately we don't like kids so all of our events are for ages 21+. 

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